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        2. Friday @ the Almanac


          Announcing The Tigers Almanac 2019. Cover art: Kate Birrell?? Cover design: John Kingsmill, Tabloid?? Editors: John Harms and Mandy Johnson? With contributions from 60+ Almanac writers. All adds up to a feast of Tigers joy (and other footy stuff too).

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          Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test Day 2 at the ‘Gabba

          Aussies head for a substantial lead in the First Test as they plunder the Pakistani bowlers at the ‘Gabba on day 2 reports Citrus Bob.

          Desert Island Discs – Which album will you take?

          Marooned on a desert island? Which album would you hope to have with you to while away the time? Col had no problems making his choice!

          As the night takes a deep breath: U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019, Melbourne

          Shane Reid had a fab night out at U2’s recent Melbourne concert. He relives the experience and recalls fond memories from over the years of his love for the band as he explains.

          Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test Day 1 Review

          Bob Utber reviews the first day of play Australia v Pakistan in the first test at the ‘Gabba after his long trip to Brisbane.

          Almanac Cricket – Gabba Test XI: the greatest performance in the greatest match

          Dave Brown kicks off the Test season by selecting his best XIs for both Australia and Pakistan, based on performances at the ‘Gabba.

          Almanac Cricket – Australia v Pakistan: First Test – The ‘Gabba Blog

          The 2019/20 Summer of Test cricket gets underway this morning at the ‘Gabba and the Almanac continues its practice of giving you the opportunity to add your comments via our rolling blog as play unfolds.

          ‘Danny recalls the night he clinched the belt….’ by KB Hill

          KB Hill tells the tale of Danny Carey, a likeable larrikin of a lad whose many sporting talents weren’t always fulfilled. He was, however, the Heavyweight Champion of the Riverina at one stage.

          Almanac Baseball: ABL Talking Points

          With the Australian Baseball League season about to get underway, Brian the Ruminator shares his thoughts on what to look out for as the maple bats and cowhide balls take to the diamond. (He has a weakness for the Kiwi cricketers, too.)

          Series preview – Australia v Pakistan: Summer sneaks upon us

          In a summer where mental health has caused more discussion than the cricket, the First Test is upon us. John Butler looks at what may lie ahead.

          Almanac Cricket – A view of Australia from fine leg: Match 3 – Payneham Cricket Club

          Craig Dodson has completed Game 3 on his summer-long cricketing odyssey, the object of which is to play for 10 different cricket clubs across several States and raise funds for charity along the way.

          The Video James Corner: The esports played Down Under

          James Bosco continues his weekly column The Video James Corner about Esports, this week looking at the sport here in Australia.

          Australia v Pakistan: Writer’s call up

          The first test of the summer is upon us. Keen to pen a few words about the action? We welcome nominations.

          SACA Annual Report 1983/84: Same As It Ever Was

          The SACA, Adelaide Oval, cricket and West End Light loomed large in 1983/84. Here’s Swish letting those days go by. Come for Bish, stay for Don O’Connor, marvel at Craig Bradley’s straight outta Pooraka poodle mullet. And see if you can spot Boz Maloney. Sponsored by West End Light – the Right Light.

          Tigers’ or Tigers Almanac: ambiguity and the apostrophe (RESOLVED)

          Tigers’ or Tigers? It’s an interesting discussion.

          Almanac Flashback – Anson Cameron’s Footy Almanac 2009 launch speech (remember this?)

          Remember this? Anson Cameron may have shot the Cisco Kid but he knocked everyone over with this classic speech to launch The Footy Almanac in 2009 (A Geelong year).

          A letter of thanks to U2: Surrender (The Joshua Tree tour, Melbourne)

          They’re one of the biggest bands in the world, with a career spanning decades, but amidst the dark hours and a cast of thousands, our E.r experienced U2’s music in a way that resonated deep within his soul – here he shares the experience as best he can in mere words.

          Come on Queensland! Sheffield Shield cricket at its best.

          Jan Courtin had a fabulous day at the cricket, marvelling at the exploits of the new, young, up and coming cricketers, the closeness and excitement of the match, and of course letting out her emotions in true style celebrating Queensland’s great win.

          And here’s the cover of The Tigers’ Almanac 2019

          Announcing the cover of The Tigers Almanac 2019. You can order now. The best gift for a Tigers fan since the 2017 edition (also available).

          Rugby World Cup – and unravelling the unholy mess with Israel Folau

          Michael Viljoen has a fair dinkum look at the complexities of the Israel Folau ‘issue’.

          Sausage Roll Review: Banjo’s, Moseley Square, Glenelg

          Mickey Randall has partaken in a taste test of sausage rolls purchased from a new bakery in Adelaide. And his verdict? Find out here.